About us

A team of experts, united by a shared passion for our oceans, that leads large-scale marine ecosystem restoration projects.

The origination of Ocean Health

In 2020 Ocean Health was founded as an initiative by Van Oord, to move from pledges about biodiversity and climate action towards tangible actions. Our mission is to protect and restore marine ecosystems at scale. To realise our mission, we build upon Van Oord’s 150+ years of marine ingenuity to implement innovative, nature-based solutions and launch sustainable business models. To maximise impact, we seek cross-sector collaborations. We believe oceans are our best, and maybe most underestimated, ally in realising global climate and biodiversity ambitions!

Ocean Health's expertise

Sustainable business development

In order to set up new sustainable business initiatives that meet the needs of our (future) clients, Ocean Health has a skilled team of entrepreneurial-spirited business developers. They help construct viable, future-oriented, innovative business models that include smart-financing and keep the scalability of our projects in mind.

Project management

Our expertise in project management, centred around our pilots and projects, focuses on partnerships, stakeholder management, knowledge generation and sharing as well as sustainable operation and monitoring.

Environmental engineering

The backbone of our knowledge and research is a competent environmental engineering team, existing of marine ecologists, social experts, and coastal and geotechnical engineers. They have state-of-the-art knowledge of marine building with nature solutions. They give life to our projects and ensure that the health of our oceans is put first.

Our team

René Kersten

Programme Director


+31 6 81505088 | LinkedIn

Twan Kolkert

Manager Business Development


+31 6 23328310 | LinkedIn

Nienke Oostenbrink

Pilot Lead


+31 6 28580188 | LinkedIn

Martin Kershaw

Manager Operations


+31 6 21874139 | LinkedIn

Rogier Wilmink

Manager Business Development


+31 6 11300462 | LinkedIn

Afifa Kombanezhathu Shanavas

Environmental Engineering Specialist



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